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3 mei Koala Dag!

Walkabout draagt graag bij aan de ondersteuning van het overleven van Koala's in het wild. Daarom extra aandacht voor 3 mei Koala dag en wat je als reiziger naar Australië ook kunt bijdragen. Met dank aan JANINE DUFFY van Echidna Walkabout voor de inspirerende woorden #wildkoaladay

4 ways to help koalas while traveling

Koalas are the number one favourite animal for overseas travellers coming to Australia. Their cuteness is simply impossible to believe, and the thought of seeing one relaxing up a gum tree ... its the essence of Australia.

But koalas need a bit of help to survive in the wild.  They keep popping up on endangered species lists, on social media begging for water, and narrowly escaping bushfires. 

Here’s four ways you can help koalas while you travel in Australia.


1. Go on a tour with a company that sees koalas ethically in the wild, and helps koalas directly or indirectly

For a koala, the best way to you to see them is in the wild.  A wild koala lives its life free to move around, socialise normally, and breed. 

Read why in the wild is best:

There are many companies around Australia offering in the wild tours to see koalas ethically and responsibly.

Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours offer 1 to 4 day tours that visit koalas in the wild, and help koalas actively while on tour.  Tour guests meet wild koalas that are part of a long-term research project, and then remove a weed to improve koala habitat. Echidna Walkabout is a social enterprise: over 50% of profits go towards koala research, conservation and tree planting.

Walkabout Australia in the Netherlands offers a selection of our tours on these pages:
But they can also make all reservations for all of our tours for you!

Exceptional Kangaroo Island offer responsible tours where guests view koalas in their natural environment. Exceptional Kangaroo Island are a locally-owned business very active in promoting ethical wildlife practice throughout the Australian tourism industry.


2. Choose to visit a wildlife park that doesn’t let you hold or touch koalas.

The Koala Reserve at Phillip Island Nature Parks, Victoria, and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Canberra are two ethical captive koala experiences. Both reserves host koalas in a near natural environment, where they have room to move around and socialise fairly naturally.  Neither reserve offers or allows koala touching, holding or cuddling.

Phillip Island’s Koala Reserve is very active in educating the public about koalas, and invests heavily in protecting the environment of the island for all wildlife. 


3. Donate to a local koala tree planting group or wildlife shelter as – or before - you travel.

While you are donating, read the websites of these groups. Many are very informative. You will learn about the koalas in each region, and gain a deeper understanding of koalas and the communities that work hard to protect them. Many of these groups have regular activities and events, some even offer tours or visits and would welcome you. 

Note: please don’t expect to visit koalas recovering in hospital. Koalas are easily stressed by strangers, so most small wildlife carers will not, and can not, allow visitors into their shelter to view the patients close up.    

Koala Clancy Foundation (Melbourne). Plants trees for wild koalas:
Conservation Ecology Centre (Great Ocean Road). Wildlife shelter & rescue. Plants trees for koalas:

Bangalow Koalas, Inc (Byron Bay area). Wildlife shelter & rescue. Plants trees for koalas:
Port Stephens Koalas (Newcastle area) Wildlife shelter & rescue:
Koala Gardens at Tuckurimba (Lismore area) Plants trees for koalas:
Friends of the Koala, Inc (Northern Rivers Region) Wildlife shelter & rescue:
Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Wildlife shelter & rescue:

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue (Brisbane area) Wildlife shelter & rescue:
Queensland Koala Crusaders (Noosa area) Wildlife shelter & rescue:
Pine Rivers Koala Care (Brisbane area) Wildlife shelter & rescue:

Fauna Rescue of SA. Wildlife shelter & rescue:


4. Choose accommodation that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

The biggest threat to koalas overall is climate change. Choosing accommodation that is powered by renewable energy and reduces its carbon footprint is a great way of helping koalas. Some of the properties listed below also have terrific conservation programs:

Ecopia Retreat, Kangaroo Island:
Opening soon! Oceanview Eco Villas, Kangaroo Island:

Aquila Eco Lodges, The Grampians
Great Ocean Ecolodge, Great Ocean Road
Alto Hotel, Melbourne 
Habitat HQ, Melbourne 

Wolgan Valley:


You can help koalas without even leaving home: Friday May 3 is international Wild Koala Day. Share a picture of a wild koala on your social media, pin a leaf to your shirt, and tag #wildkoaladay.

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Walkabout organiseert sinds 1994 vakantie reizen, groepsreizen en complete rondreizen naar Australië en Nieuw-Zeeland. We stellen reizen-op-maat samen voor alle budgetten en type reizen. Walkabout Reizen is uit enthousiasme en passie voor deze landen ontstaan. Onze kennis opgedaan tijdens vele reizen en onze goede lokale contacten delen we graag met je!

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